Summer celebrations


Celebrating with Delayna Spencer (commissioning editor) and Cat McMullen (editorial assistant)

A slightly different tone to the blog this week as we thought we would let you know some of the exciting events that have been happening in our professional lives. On Wednesday evening, when many of you would have had important football matches on your mind, we were invited to a summer party at the beautiful Victoria and Albert museum. Our hosts were Sage who are an international publisher of many of the books we recommend to students and also many of the specialist journals you will use in your academic work. The reason we were invited was because our new book, ‘Introducing Research in Early Childhood’, is due to be published by Sage in the autumn.

As the title suggests this a text which introduces key ideas about research concerning children before students are at the stage when they have to go out and carry out research themselves as part of their Early Childhood Studies degree. We have tried to write it in an accessible style and emphasised the important link of research to practice. It has been such an exciting project for us to work on and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

The party was full of authors that we recommend to students to develop both their writing and their understanding so we had to try not to be too overawed by the occasion – and also not stare too much at people’s name badges! The surroundings of course take your breath away and we also had the opportunity to visit the Frida Kahlo exhibition which was really the icing on the cake. A huge screen had been set up in one corner of the courtyard to enable people to follow the football; this of course was the only sad note of the evening when we picked up the final score on the way home.

So all in all it was an eventful evening; thank you Sage both for the invite and also for all your support in making our idea of a book a reality!

2 thoughts on “Summer celebrations

  1. Paula Stone

    Jo and Polly… you have neglected to mention other important events in both of your lives.
    Congratulations to Dr Jo Josephidou who has recently achieved her PhD and to Polly Bolshaw, who I am sure you can tell from the picture, is expecting her first baby Bolshaw imminently. Congratulations to you both.


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